FBI Release Files Revealing Whitney Houston Stalker Letters & Extortion Plot


Being a pop legend has its many ups and downs. While the world loves and adores your talent and the image they have of you, some people tend to take that love and adoration to an extreme level. Whitney Houston dealt with that at the height of her career. A year after her death, the FBI has released files showing that Houston was the target of an extortion plot and she had a serious stalker situation on her hands.

In the 128-page file spanning from 1988 to 1992, the FBI revealed Whitney Houston had an overzealous fan who constantly wrote handwritten letters detailing his undying love for the “I Will Always Love You” singer. The fan begged and pleaded for a meeting with Houston to no avail and always ended his letters telling her to “keep smiling.”

As he attended more and more concerts, his desperation to meet Houston continued to grow. Finally reaching his breaking point the fan wrote, “I might hurt someone with some crazy idea and not realize how stupid an idea it was until after it was done.” Overall, this fan wrote in excess of 70 letters. All of which were ignored by the Houston camp.

The FBI files also revealed that Houston was a victim of an extortion plot. A woman claimed she had compromising information about the Grammy Award winner’s personal life and relationships. The woman threatened Houston that she would leak the information to the public if she wasn’t paid. At first the asking price was $100,000. However, it jumped up to $250,000 a short time later. Before she died in February 2012, Houston admitted she knew the woman attempting to blackmail her and had her father send the woman money to keep her quiet.

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Fantasia Opens Up: ‘The Game Can Take Over Your Mind’


There is often more to a story than what meets the eye. With that in mind, following a week of controversy over the cover image used for the latest issue of JET, the magazine has revealed “American Idol” winner and “Lose To Win” singer Fantasia’s eye opening cover story.

Opening up about her struggles, including her relationship with T-Mobile salesman Antwaun Cook and a past need to please others, including her family, Fantasia tells JET “the (music) game can take over your mind.”

“I was only 19 when I won American Idol. I didn’t really have many expectations. I just wanted to enjoy the ride ahead and make the best of it. Pleasing people became a main priority for me once upon a time,” Fantasia says in an excerpt.

Claiming that fans and the stage saved her, Fantasia says music is her entire world.

“You could say that the stage saved me because when I’m in front of people I carry my pain and soul. That is my salvation. I know the entire world does not love me, but I can give everyone some good music,” she says.

As for moving forward with her personal life, Fantasia claims to have learned how to put her own interests first.

“Now I put my own interests first. I am finally able to love myself. The main thing I wanted in life was peace and freedom; the ability to let go,” says Fantasia.

For Fantasia’s full cover story, pick up the latest issue of JET.

Fantasia’s new album, “Side Effects of You,” is due for release this April.

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Bobby Brown 55 Days in Jail For DUI #3


Bobby Brown has been sentenced to 55 days in jail following his most recent DUI arrest.

Brown was arrested in October after cops pulled the singer over for driving erratically, and smelled alcohol in his ride.

Bobby was charged with DUI and driving on a suspended license following the incident. (Brown’s license had been suspended as a result of his previous DUI conviction in 2012. Bobby was also convicted of DUI in 1996.)

Bobby pled no contest to the charges today. He was sentenced to the jail time, plus 4 years probation. He was also ordered to complete an 18-month alcohol program. This is Bobby’s third DUI conviction.

Bobby has to turn himself in to jail by March 20 — and has been ordered to attend 3 AA meetings per week until then.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/02/26/bobby-brown-jail-dui-sentence/#ixzz2M9Y2Wo00

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Chris Brown “Brutalizing Rihanna Is My Deepest Regret”

chris brown tat

Chris Brown is calling the infamous Rihanna beating in 2009 the “deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake.”

Brown told the UK Mirror, “Sometimes you row, you fight, with the one you love and things get said, stuff spirals.”

He added, “But she loves me. what can I say? I’m forgiven but, yes, I worked hard for it.”

You’ll recall, Brown infamously brutalized Rihanna on the night of the Grammys back in 2009. He pled “guilty” to felony assault following the incident and was sentenced to probation and community service. He and Rihanna are now officially back together.

As for Seth MacFarlane’s Chris Brown and Rihanna jab during the Oscars Brown said, “People attack me and criticise me, it happens all the time … But they don’t know me, and they don’t know us. It doesn’t bother me any more. Other people can judge us but they don’t know anything.”.

Reference: http://www.tmz.com/2013/02/26/chris-brown-regret-rihanna-deepest-regret/
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Does Jennifer Still Have What It Takes?


Jennifer Hudson launched her music career with American Idol in 2004. During her initial audition singing Aretha Franklin’s “Share Your Love With Me.” Her melodic voice was sheer perfection as she hit notes soulfully and perfectly it was clear that Jennifer owned the stage.

It’s no secret that Jennifer had more curves than some. However in 2010 after losing 56 pounds and debuting her second studio album “I Remember Me” it seemed her voice was different. It sounded great nonetheless, but it seemed the mesmerizing voice fans fell in love with in “Dreamgirls” was gone.

After her weight loss it seemed Hudson was unable to hit the notes that defined her career. Her voice seemed flat at times compared to previous performances leaving fans wondering if the voice they fell in love with was gone. Even during Hudson’s performance at the 2012 54th Grammy Awards during a tribute to Whitney Houston she sang “I Will Always Love You,” and her voice still didn’t seem like it was top notch.

Fortunately for Jennifer, all those who questioned whether she still had the talent she had in 2004; She answered with a resounding yes by singing “And I’m Telling You (I’m Not Going)” at the 85th Annual Academy Awards. Hitting every note just as she did in “Dreamgirls” it appears that Hudson is ready to give fans what they fell in love with.

Watch jennifer Hudson prove she still has what it takes

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“Remind Me Again Why We In This Shi*t”


Oh yeah, that’s because Kanye makes a career out of discrediting the work of his peers in the music industry. If “creativity fuels everything” then stop downing everyone else’s artistic ability and do something artistic Kanye.

Watch this video to see what I’m talking about.

In case you’ve forgotten here’s a stroll down memory lane.

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Reference: http://www.tmz.com/2013/02/24/kanye-west-justin-timberlake-jay-z-diss-video/

Britney: You’re Competent Enough To Do X-Factor, Countless Tours, Albums, And A Vages Gig But…

britney 1

Britney Spears has been under a conservatorship since 2008. Despite all of her personal and professional achievements it seems that the conservatorship will not be lifted anytime soon.
Britney’s team is supposedly negotiating a Vegas residency deal with Cesar Entertainment According to the Las Vegas Sun.

Although this sounds exciting, In Touch Weekly reports that “Britney’s absolutely not allowed to gamble.” In addition “She can’t even bring anyone back to her suite at the casino. She even has a curfew, and is required to have a member of security with her at all times.”

Additionally In Touch Weekly also reports “They really are going to be monitoring her behavior and moods to make sure she is feeling okay and ready for the hard hours of work she needs to put in each night. She will have an allowance per the conservatorship, and if she goes over her allowance she will have to get permission to avoid excessive spending.”

Maybe Britney would have more freedom with her money if it wasn’t for the conservatorship allowing Jamie Spears to get paid $16,000 per month of Britney’s money (according to breatheheavy.com).

Those who are familiar with Britney’s conservatorship know that her team and father/Co-conservator Jamie Spears stifle the media and the public opinions referencing the conservatorship. According to socialitelife.com Jamie Spears attempted to shut down Jordan Miller’s site Breatheheavy.com in 2009. Breatheheavy.com is the number one Britney fan site in the world. Miller stated in a message on his website, “I have been battling the conservatorship Britney is currently placed under for months now. When I did not conform to the requests and demands Britney’s management and father, Jamie Spears, recently put upon BreatheHeavy to stay quiet, they in turn became angry and malicious, launching, what I feel is an unjust attack, against me and my website.”

Is the conservatorship for Britney, or is it being used as a means to control her and use her as a cash cow?


See http://www.breatheheavy.com/conservatorship-extended-for-another-year/
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Excuse Lindsay She Might Drink A little More Than She Should Tonight:

lyndsay pitbull

That’s because according to TMZ.com, back in 2011 Lindsay Lohan launched a lawsuit against rapper Pitbull. The drama centers on Pitbull’s lyrics in his popular song “Give Me Everything.” Specifically the lyrics “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.”

Apparently Lohan claims that she never gave Pitbull permission to use her name in the song, and she claims Pitbull’s song profited by having her name in it. Lohan also sued alleging that she suffered emotional distress.

However in court today Lohan’s claims were ruled bogus because the song represents Pitbull’s artistic ability, and since the song is as work of art it is protected by the first amendment.

Furthermore Lindsay’s name is hardly mentioned in the song. Therefore the court dismissed Lindsay’s allegations.

lindsay loses to pitbull

Image 1 via http://www.hollywoodreporter.com
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